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Chiropractic Care

chiropractor adjusting a patient's backEvery message created in the human body is created in the brain. The way it displays its information throughout the human body is through the spinal cord. If you looked in between the vertebrae, you’d see holes where nerves come out. Those nerves go to every cell in the human body.

If there’s a misalignment of the spine either underneath the skull or low back, it will put pressure on the central nervous system, and the brain won’t be able to communicate with the rest of the body at 100%. The good news is that when you’re adjusted at Embrun Chiropractic Clinic, we increase the potential of the brain to communicate with the body. That’s what makes your body heal.

Our Techniques

Before they adjust, Dr. Laura and Dr. Gregory ensure they make a proper diagnosis, and to do that they physically assess and orthopedically test. When it’s time to provide chiropractic care, they may use one or more of the following methods:

With this method, wedge-shaped cushions are placed at strategic areas along the body as the patient lies down. After a thorough assessment, gravity does most of the work.

The Activator Adjusting Instrument is a handheld spring-loaded tool that delivers consistent low-force, high-speed thrust. It also makes the directed energy more precise, given at the exact angle necessary to best add motion to a joint.

The best part? If you’re nervous about getting “cracked,” don’t be–there’s no popping sounds to be heard in this type of adjustment.

One of the many adjusting styles we use is referred to as Diversified. Among the most popular chiropractic techniques, this hands-on approach allows us to manually adjust your spinal bones into the proper position. Diversified can be successful in helping patients of all ages and stages return to living the life they love naturally.

TRT is considered the most scientific chiropractic technique in the world. The method uses a gentle touch and low-force thrusting by hand or a small, handheld instrument. We use the Activator versus the Integrator™ instrument with TRT.

Conditions That May Benefit

While chiropractic care doesn’t cure anything, many conditions improve when the nervous system is free of interference. Such conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Knee problems
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Poor digestion
  • Shoulder pain
We also offer Foot levelers customized orthotics to address plantar fasciitis and other issues.

When Will I See Improvement?

Once our doctors begin providing care, it typically takes 3-10 days for the problem to improve. Although we typically see patients experience results quickly, if we don’t see the changes we want, we refer out.

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