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Embrun Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

What Our Embrun Patients Say

person holding a heart shape with their handsAt Embrun Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Yours In Health,
Dr. Varty & Dr. Murray

Neck Pain

Patient A came to Embrun Chiropractic Clinic in 1989 from another chiropractic office at the age of 68. She is now 90 years old and, through regular chiropractic care, has been able to maintain the proper curve in her neck, preventing degenerative joint and disc disease as well as osteoarthritis. She maintains good mobility to this day. Although the constant force of gravitation becomes more apparent with age, her spine is healthy and the spaces between her vertebra are large. She comes regularly for her adjustment every two weeks.
patient a xray beforeBefore
patient a xray afterAfter

Neck and Low Back Pain

In 2009, Patient B lost control of her car on black ice and hit a light post going 50km/hr. At the scene she felt sore, however, she did not get her spine checked. A few weeks went by and she noticed her neck hurting from the hard impact.

Aside from never ending episodes of sporadic neck pain, she developed low back pain likely caused from a slip on ice in 2000. Finally, she had enough and made an appointment at Embrun Chiropractic Clinic in Jan 2010. She decided to meet with Dr. Greg for a consultation and spinal examination to see if the spine was the cause of the problem. Her job consists of mostly sitting down up to a period of eight hours straight and working long hours in front of a computer, which definitely aggravated her symptoms.

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Dr. Greg’s clinical impression of Patient B’s spine was that she was a phase 1 degeneration in both the cervical and lumbar spine. The worst area of her spine was her neck. Dr. Greg explains how correcting her spinal curve would improve the rest of her spine at the same time.

After her initial exam, x-ray’s and report, she started a program of chiropractic corrective care. She was adjusted 3 times a week for 13 weeks. At 3 months she had her first progressive exam. Her neck pain and headaches had improved and she was no longer taking Advil. There was also improvement in her low back; she still experienced stiffness from time to time. Following her progressive exam, her adjustment schedule was reduced to once a week. After 6 months of care, we did another exam in which we took x-rays of her cervical spine. Her cervical curve improved dramatically and she was encouraged to continue doing traction exercises at home. Patient B’s neck is almost to a normal curve due to her weekly adjustments! She has just begun her second year of chiropractic care and is continuing her journey to a better health!

Patient B beforeBefore
Patient B afterAfter

Lower Back Pain With Burning Sensation Down Legs

Patient C first came to Embrun Chiropractic Clinic in August of 2010. She decided to meet with Dr. Greg for a consultation and spinal examination due to lower back pain and a burning sensation down through her legs. Prolonged periods of sitting and standing at work only aggravated her condition.

After her initial exam and set of x rays, Dr. Greg’s clinical impression of her spine was a phase 1 degeneration of the lumbar spine.

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Patient C started a program of chiropractic corrective care. She started her adjustment schedule at 3 times a week for 39 weeks. At 3 months we did her first progressive exam. At only 3 months her lower back pain had diminished significantly. Following her update, we started adjusting her once a week and prescribed traction exercises. After 6 months of care, we did another exam in which we took another set of x-rays. Patient C’s lumbar had dramatically improved and her spine was returning to normal! Another set of x-rays will be taken in 6 months.

Dr. Greg explained the importance of spinal maintenance which requires three things: fluids (lots of water), movement (exercise and stretching) and regular chiropractic adjustments. Patient C brought in her sister to get her spine checked as she now believes in preventing disease by maintaining her overall health.

Patient C beforeBefore
Patient C afterAfter

Headaches, Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

Patient D came to Embrun Chiropractic Clinic in August 2009 suffering from headaches, lower back and neck pain. Her administrative work meant long days sitting at the computer and taking the occasional painkiller to combat the onset of frequent dizziness, nauseous and headaches. Her sleeping was erratic and exercising only aggravated her condition.

After reviewing her initial x-rays with Dr. Greg, she began regular chiropractic treatment, daily traction and ten-minute intervals of treadmill walking with a head weight. 19 months later and her neck muscles have improved significantly to support the realignment of her curve. Her headaches have decreased in frequency and severity. She now enjoys an active lifestyle that includes Zoomba having recovered a great deal of her mobility.

Patient D before and afterBefore and After

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